Fix long-term care now

Long-term care in Canada is broken. We need to fix it, now – for seniors, people with disabilities,  residents, and the workers who care for them.

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Our Plan

Canada’s long-term care system is in crisis.

Our parents and loved ones living in care homes are not getting the care they deserve. It’s time to fix long-term care now!

Underfunding, understaffing and a focus on profit instead of care have been wearing down the system for decades – and it has left us tragically unprepared for the health crisis we’re currently facing.

Four out of five COVID-19-related deaths in Canada have either been residents or staff of a long-term care home – the worst record in the developed world.

We must act now to ensure this never happens again.

Our seniors and long-term care residents deserve a care system that puts their needs first.

Right now, long-term care in Canada is a patchwork system with no national standards. It’s time to fix that.

The federal government must lead the way by making long-term care an accessible, publicly funded and universal health care service – like visiting a hospital or a family doctor.

We need national standards of care to make sure the needs of residents are being looked after.

We need to dramatically increase the number of long-term care beds and staff to ensure access and quality of care.

We need to provide adequate and stable funding. And we need to remove profit from the system.

Our seniors and long-term care residents deserve nothing less. 

The workers who care for them deserve a living wage, benefits, and safe and secure jobs.

Because everyone deserves to be safe, healthy and live with dignity and respect.